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About Us

Dragon Travel Agents was established in 2016 as the retail part of Worldwide DMC Limited a very successful global B2B travel wholesaler. Dragon Travel Agents acquired the premises of two long established travel agencies with the key objective of maintaining the knowledge and extensive experience of their long employed travel consultants and with the aim to build on that and create a travel miniple with focus mainly in Wales and the Wirral.

Our retail travel agencies situated outside our London head office, are in Wrexham and Bebington with more locations planned for the years ahead. We are members of the Association of British Travel Agents and have our own bonding arrangements under ATOL.

If you usually book online you will be surprised to discover how frequently DRAGON TRAVEL AGRENTS travel consultants can improve on your online quotes. Our close association with a Travel Wholesaler such as Worldwide DMC and been members of Advantage Travel Partnership offer us access to first hand contracted wholesale rates which in turn enables us often to provide our high street customers with significantly better quotes that those sourced from traditional online travel agents. Simply use the free Snipping Tool from Microsoft, obtain a screen shot on your online FINAL quote, open your email and copy paste the Snipping Tool captured picture of your online holiday offer and finally email us at  If that is not possible then simply email us with the details of the online quote and we will of course respond promptly.  You will shortly receive our best quote which many a time will be less costly than the usual online holiday quotes.

The large majority of our travel consultants are in travel trade for more than 15 years and possess excellent in depth knowledge in all areas from advising for summer and winter sun holiday packages to providing face to face detailed assistance with cruise itineraries and worldwide tours. Dragon Travel Agents additionally provide a wide range of UK holiday coach, hotel and theatre packages as well as up-to-date prices in booking value for money long haul flights, car parking, holiday insurance and overseas car hire. All our agencies are members of the Advantage Travel Partnership that enables us to provide significant customer add ons that may include FREE return airport private taxi transfers or FREE return coach journeys to an airport/port, or a FREE overnight hotel stay, FREE car parking or even a significant discount for families or large groups. Our travel consultants would be there for you to assist with any holiday issues or any sudden changes in your plans especially for holidays booked well in advance.